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Read Book Acting And Singing With Archetypes In RTF, PDF, IBOOKS, DOC

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Read Book Acting And Singing With Archetypes In RTF, PDF, IBOOKS, DOC

All titles are created in the two main ebook formats: MOBI (Amazon) and ePUB (for all other eBook retailers, including Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Diesel, Sony, etc.) You receive finished, readable eBooks that you can review on your own devices, or with reading software on your computer that we tell you how to download. You receive review copies during the process. There aren't any surprises.

Moderate and Complex formatted titles, regardless of length, run more, due to numbered or bulleted lists, indices, appendices, photographs, illustrations, tables, footnotes, etc. Significant formatting, like found in many self-help books or DIY titles, will also add to costs. Moderate- and Complexly-formatted titles have a minimum price of $150.00 and go up from there, with prices ranging from $1.45/page to $2.25 for the average book. Some extremely-complex titles can go as high as $4.00/page, if the title warrants it (for example medical textbooks, scientific books, very heavily formatted self-help books with myriad tables, columnar data, or books that come to us in spreads with multiple columns of text per page). Again, publisher discounts and multi-title discounts are available. Poetry will almost always run upwards of $3.00/page, due to the extensive hand-formatting that has to be done to ensure proper line-wrapping for each line of a given stanza.

KID'S BOOK AND COMICS: We specialize in providing fixed-format books, for Children's illustrated titles as well as Comic books and other "fixed-layout" books (books that emulate the look of print books, with spreads or other advanced aspects). Make sure you visit our Showcase for some examples of fixed-format books that we've made. (I know that there's a lot of confusing information out there; please try to read everything available on our site, thanks, to assist you and to help us help you.)

FIXED FORMAT BOOKS GENERALLY: However, fixed-layout books are very expensive to create, and are both device-limited and device unique. At this time, (January, 2013), fixed-layout books are only viewable on the Kindle Fire devices and Kindle for Droid readers, iBooks on the iPad, Kobo, and, (for children's books only), NookKids' on the Barnes & Noble Nook. B&N Fixed-Format Alert!. Each device requires a book to be made for it. Unlike traditional ebooks, like ePUB, which works on multiple readers, every device--Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Nook--must have a separate and unique book made to work in accordance with that manufacturer's and retailer's specifications. We are capable of providing books for all of these readers, including the NookKids layout (as well as animated NookKids' books). We can also provide audio-file embedding for "read-along" (iBooks and Nook Kids' only) and of course, region magnification (text pop-up) for Kindle fixed-format. iBooks' fixed-format books can have not only voice narration, for text-highlighted read-along, but background sound effects, as well. On Nook, only NookKids' can have audio embeds.

Audio Embedding: For iBooks, with read-along highlighting (required by Apple): $150.00 flat fee plus $0.35/word. For NookKids', $150.00, for books smaller than 34 pages, $200 for books larger than 34 pages. Amazon: Currently not available for self-publishers.

Do you think you want a print book A book in Ebook format Both It helps us to assist you, if you already know what you want. If you're not familiar with the choices, you may wish to start with our articles about .... 1e1e36bf2d


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