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Week 1

Attending the IYF World Camp
The IYF World Camp is a program that brings together youth from over 50 countries around the world to broaden the world of their hearts under the motto of 'Challenge, Change, and Cohesion.' Experience a variety of programs and activities from around the World and form long-lasting frienships.

Week 2

Attending the Korean Camp

In the second week, you will visit various attractions in Korea to sightsee, taste food and experience culture in Korea. You will be able to make precious memories that you can only make in Korea on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Registration Process


Participation Fee

[Trip to Korea Fee]


- Room + Food + Transportation + Touring + Program = $500

To give freedom of menu, the lunch for the second week will be purchased individually by participants at the food place of their choice.

*The fee is separate from the flight ticket, that would be purchased individually.

jessica pham.jpeg


This is the best experience ever! Every-time I go, I am able to meet new people and visit places that are famous in Korean dramas and tv shows. I would never have the opportunity to meet people from other countries, but through this program, I was able to meet and make connections. My brother and sister came along too. I saw that the people in the camp poured their hearts into preparing the best programs and food. Thank you! I hope my parents can go and experience this as well. 

- Jessica Pham


If you have any questions, please reach out.


James Hahm - (808) 679-2800


Teddy Kim - 1 (868) 386-6093 


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