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MotoGP 19 Update V20190618-CODEX

DbForge SQL Tools


DbForge SQL Tools

Prism Database Monitor is a database performance and availability solution that fully automates the discovery, collection, and monitoring of performance and availability events for your enterprise databases. The information collected by Prism can then be used to diagnose and resolve issues across your entire enterprise environment and improve the quality of your service to your user base.

Throttled In-Memory Streaming for Apache Kudu is built into Apache Kudu, an in-memory distributed database optimized for stream processing. Apache Kudu provides powerful in-memory data structures to support efficient streaming analytics. The Apache Lucene Query Language can support sophisticated and complex queries that provide a rich set of functionalities such as AND, OR, IS NULL, BETWEEN, etc. The Apache SQL package of tools can be used to optimize the queries before being sent to Kudu. This combination of effortless and complex querying and performance and robust in-memory data structures makes Apache Kudu a powerful and efficient range of true data warehouses with the power of in-memory streaming with SQL.

Varigence offers a number of SQL tools for its customers. One of the most useful tools, is the query analyzer. The query analyzer enables you to understand how your query is crafted. The query analyzer is a graphical interface that helps users to build database queries, track queries executed by an application, and quickly identify potential query performance issues or areas that may require optimization.

JetBrains is a worldwide leader in the integrated development environment (IDE) market. JetBrains TX Studio is an elegant, yet powerful, tool that helps users to manage and solve complex database problems. The tool makes it easy to carry out all database operations, including creating, managing, and describing databases, tables, fields, and indexes, and the graphical user interface (GUI) builder is especially easy to use.

With the introduction of dbForge Studio, customers are now able to use field selection to facilitate faster and cleaner SQL queries by browsing through tables and columns. “The SQL Execution Plan now features powerful data filtering capability,” said Adrian Bridgwater, Senior Product Marketing Manager for dbForge. “We are the first SQL tool to allow customers to pursue and find all possible data and include it in their queries, and it is done with precision and speed.” d2c66b5586


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