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the original colin mcrae: dirt was a fun, if uneven, racer that pushed the limits of what was possible on consoles. the colin mcrae series has evolved a lot since then, moving onto everything from the super game boy to the playstation vita. dirt 4 is the biggest jump since the 2005 release of colin mcrae: dirt 2, but while its predecessor was a fairly straight-forward racer, dirt 4 is anything but.

its also a different experience from other racing games. there is no single-player career mode or time trial where you can just run your laps and see how fast you can go. instead, dirt 4 is a full-blown open-world game where you can travel the world and race just about anything. its a racing game for any occasion, from street races to car shows, from demolition derbies to drifting competitions.

i would say that the story is very simple, it's easy to follow and develop some ideas on the characters and their relationships. from your first encounters with the factions you are pretty much bound to them for the rest of the game, so it doesn't make much sense to leave them behind once you are on the ship. the game also takes care of the first three or four rpgs elements, presenting a more complex plot and problems and leaving an interesting sequel for the player. the writing is very well executed and creates a good atmosphere for the player, the dialogues are clever and funny and the characters are well developed and easy to understand.

the game takes place in a medieval-like fantasy world, with the player's party exploring dungeons, towns and villages as they travel the world. the dungeons are quite varied, with the first ones having to do with a dark power that causes eternal death and decay (if i remember well). the solutions to some of the puzzles were clever and original. 3d9ccd7d82


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