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Nokku Varmam In Tamil Pdf 92

Nokku Varmam In Tamil Pdf 92 ->>>

Nokku Varmam: The Art of Gazing in Tamil Martial Arts

Nokku Varmam is a rare and secret technique of Tamil martial arts that involves gazing at an opponent and causing various effects such as paralysis, pain, unconsciousness or even death. It is said to be derived from the ancient Siddha tradition of Varmam, which deals with the vital points (varmam) in the human body. Nokku Varmam is also known as Manthirakkalai or the art of using mantras to influence the mind and body of others.

There are very few practitioners of Nokku Varmam in the world today, and most of them are reluctant to share their knowledge with outsiders. However, some books have been written on this subject in Tamil, such as Varmam Sutthiram by Ulaga Thamizharaycci Niruvanam (Chennai) [^1^], Varmakkalai by Tamil Varmakkalai [^3^] and Nokku Varmam by Tamil Varmakkalai [^3^]. These books contain some information on the history, theory and practice of Nokku Varmam, as well as some illustrations of the varmam points and the effects of gazing at them.

Nokku Varmam is not a simple skill that can be learned by anyone. It requires years of training, discipline, meditation and mastery of one's own energy (prana or chi). It also requires a deep understanding of the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the human body and mind. Nokku Varmam is not meant to be used for evil purposes, but rather for self-defense and healing. It is a sacred art that should be respected and preserved by those who have access to it.

Nokku Varmam is not only a self-defense technique, but also a healing method. By gazing at the varmam points of a patient, a Nokku Varmam practitioner can diagnose and treat various diseases and disorders. Nokku Varmam can also be used to enhance one's physical and mental abilities, such as memory, concentration, intelligence, creativity and intuition. Nokku Varmam can also be used to influence the emotions and thoughts of others, such as calming, inspiring, motivating or persuading them.

However, Nokku Varmam is not without risks and challenges. Nokku Varmam requires a high level of concentration and awareness, as well as a strong ethical code and moral responsibility. Nokku Varmam can also backfire if the practitioner is not careful or skilled enough, causing harm to oneself or others. Nokku Varmam can also be misused by unscrupulous people for evil purposes, such as manipulating, controlling, harming or killing others. Therefore, Nokku Varmam should be learned and practiced only under the guidance of a qualified and trustworthy master.

Nokku Varmam is a rare and precious art that belongs to the Tamil culture and heritage. It is a legacy of the Siddhars, who were enlightened sages and masters of various sciences and arts. Nokku Varmam is a testimony of their wisdom and power, as well as their compassion and service to humanity. Nokku Varmam is an art that deserves to be preserved and propagated for the benefit of future generations. ec8f644aee


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