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A great way to further monitor your drumming is to record your playing on a mic and guitar simultaneously. This works with any connection type, but you need to make sure that you have the required frequencies being monitored.

Drums, like guitars, have fundamental tonal characteristics. A fast attack, a nice hand movement and a loud drum sound will all give a solid drum sound, regardless of the type of drums or mics you're using. The best and most common way to achieve this is by using either a room mic, a lavalier or a white stick. All three mics are great mics for in the room, and all three mics are great for in the room situations. Room mics produce more 'crack' and a bigger sound with a crisp punch.A great miking solution for a spacious environment is to use Sennheiser's G3, which is a field recordist's dream.'s G3 is great for capturing drums in a wide-open space, and a great all-rounder to have both in a recording and as a live mic.

The most common error made with drums is to 'over-dub' drum parts. Most engineers will end up adding extra tracks to the drum track, trying to cover up any messy or muffled parts. If you do this, you will lose the crisp 'crack' that makes drums so fun and unique. You should only add extra tracks if you can 'feel it'. Avoid over editing unless you know exactly what the 'treble' on the part you are re-adding is. d2c66b5586


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