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Simon Scher

Master instructor

> Instructor Profile

I began training in 1988 in Tampa Florida. I earned my black belt in 1995 on my 13th birthday. I earned my 7th degree black belt in 2019. I have been teaching for over 25 years. My strong YouTube following and international seminars have allowed me to reach many more students than this enrolled in my school. I have competed in many tournaments and hold a silver medal from the Jr Olympics. I also represented Canada in the Pan American Games in 2008.

> Course Description:

In this 4 day zoom course we will learn most of the music kicks and strikes in Taekwondo. We will review basic footwork and stances. We will learn how to perform the first pattern or form in Taekwondo Chun Ji cleanly and fluently. We will also review some of the key elements of sparring through drills and shadow boxing.

> This Academy Meets on:

・Tuesday, July 13
・Wednesday, July 14
・Thursday, July 15
・Friday, July 16

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

- An open space 10 paces by 10 paces
- Loose fitting clothing
- No obstructions
- An awareness of any medical conditions that might make you unable to perform any given drill or technique.

> Lesson Plan:

Day 1:
Basic stances
Low block
Forearm block
Falling 101
Strength training
Basic flexibility

Day 2:
Stance transitions
Jab cross
Stance transitions
Kicking combos
Basic jump kicks

Day 3:
Hook punch
Continuous motion punches
Traveling w jab cross
Good articulation
Pattern fluency
Pivoting in motion

Day 4:
Hook kicks
Kicking combos
Bob and weave boxing basics
Foot work more advanced
Pivoting and jumping
Pattern more advanced
Applied blocking

> This academy is for:

> Instructor’s Links: 

This academy is open for participants of all ages.

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