is bringing change to many young adults through the connection of hearts.

The theme is “Connect,”

 because it is more necessary than ever before. Please use your creativity to make an awesome video!

  1. Registration: 6/16(TUE)~7/11(SAT)

  2. Video Entry Submission Deadline: 7/11(SAT)

  3. Video Contest Event:                        7/17(FRI) 1PM(PDT) / 4PM(EDT)

  4. Submit via Email:

  5. (Files less than 2GB can be sent through

  6. Contact:

“IYF Video Contest will positively respect your opinions.  Please vote for your favorite one among the entries.”

Voting opens: 7/13(MON)~7/16(FRI)

  •  Your entry video can NOT be in violation of any copyright laws or use 3rd party media (including music, video, pictures, etc.), including uncensored faces of non-participants, product placement, or anything that may cause legal issues. If your entry video violates any copyrights, then your entry will be excluded from award consideration.

  • Copyrights of awarded video entries belong to the content creator. However, the host of the competition will keep the rights of the awarded video entries for presentation, showcase, and advertising purposes. This includes the right to use the video in other contents.

  • Upon selection, submitted entry videos will be posted on IYFUSA YouTube and Facebook pages. Uses that harm the copyright owner’s ability to profit from his or her original work are less likely to be fair uses.

  • Clips less than 20% of the total length of your entry for parodic effect or to generate creative inspiration may be acceptable.

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