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APRIL. 10th-13th 




300 Nassau Rd


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In a perfect world, everyone is mentally and emotionally healthy. People know how to express their emotions and distress, equipped with the tools necessary to safely navigate the obstacles in the depths of their hearts. 


But in our current world, people are suffering from a weak heart, on the verge of developing mental disorders at every stage of life. Teachers, law enforcement officials, social workers, and counselors encountered so many people with depression, isolation, and stress on a daily basis. 


We present to you: Mind Education. As a systematic study of the heart with unprecedented effectiveness and unparalleled practicality, the curriculum strives to change lives through educating people about the world of the heart, which results in the strengthening of the mind.


Mind Education covers essential developmental concepts and solutions to the problems of the heart, such as self-control, deep thinking, connection, and exchange through presentations that are designed for all ages. 


We have specialized in the “heart-strengthening” business for over two decades in over 90 countries. Register today. We would love to work with you to change the world, one heart at a time.

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