IYF Leadership Speaker Series

Terri Trespicio

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

> about the speaker:

  • TedTalk, “Stop Searching For Your Passion” has more than 6 million views

  • Top 15 female speakers by Hubspot

  • Brand Advisor/CEO of Terri Trespicio, LLC

  • Terri Trespicio is a branding consulting company

> topic Description:

  • Passion is not a plan but a feeling

  • Follow chances that lay in front of you and the passion will follow you

  • Terri’s experience of chasing passion and how she ended up finding joy in something she

  • didn’t plan on.

  • Stop searching for your passion, and tap your creativity instead!

> date & time

  • 7/28 (Tues) & 7/29 (Wed)

  • 10:10AM, EDT

> Instructor’s Links: 


Terri's free audio and booklet: http://terrisentme.com