IYF Leadership Speaker Series

Dr. Sampson Davis

Co-founder of the Three Doctors Foundation,

E.R. Physician,

Inspirational Speaker,

Best-Selling Author and TV Personality

> Biography:

  • Born in Newark, New Jersey, lived in poverty, fifth of six children, raised under single parent, surrounded by drug use and gangs.

  • He was arrested when he was 13 years old. When he was 17 and a half, he committed robbery with a group of guys from the streets because he was going to rob drug dealers and give back to the poor. He went to a juvenile detention and realized that if he was 18 years old at that time, he would have been given years in jail. He decided to turn around and focus on academics. 

  • Davis, along with his friends Rameck Hunt and George Jenkins formed a pact to get a good education and to become doctors.

  • Davis is the attending emergency room physician at Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, the same hospital where he was born.

  • The three friends have created the Three Doctors Foundation to support and inspire children who come from similar backgrounds with scholarship funds.

> Speaking Topics:

  • Holding onto your dream

  • Importance of education

> date & time

  • July 27 (Mon.), PDT