IYF Leadership Speaker Series

Nick Santonastasso

Bodybuilder, Fitness Model Inspirational Keynote Speaker

> about the speaker:

  • Born with Hanhart Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Had 30% chance of surviving birth.

  • Found his “Why” through wrestling in high school.

  • Made cameos on TV show “The Walking Dead,” and gained more than 1 million followers

    on Vine in less than a year.

  • Competitive bodybuilder and a fitness model.

  • Travels as an inspirational keynote speaker

> topic Description:

  • When difficulties happen in life, people tend to complain and blame their circumstances

  • Nick had every reason to complain about his life because of the way he was born, but he did

    not give up looking for his “Why”

  • Focus on all things we have versus what we don’t have

  • Push beyond suffering and live a life that has no limits

  • The biggest disability you can have is the bad mindset

> date & time

  • July 28 (Tues.) & 30 (Thur.)

  • 10:10AM, EDT

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