IYF Leadership Speaker Series

Lori Brush

Critical Care Nurse Manager at

St. Francis Hospital, NY 

Former Adjunct Professor of Nursing at Molloy College

> about the speaker:

  • BS, Registered Nursing at Molloy College (1974-1978)

  • MA, Nursing Education (1979-1982)

  • 42 years of nurse practice

  • Currently, manager of nurse at St. Francis Hospital

  • Former Adjunct Professor of Nursing at Molloy College, Critical Care

  • COVID-19 Unit, nurse manager

> topic Description:

  • Lori’s experience when Coronavirus exploded in New York Metropolitan area at her cure unit

  • Does the new version of the coronavirus spread faster than the first version?

  • It is said that people who are older and have preexisting health conditions are more prone to getting severely ill. What are the some of the preexisting health conditions?

  • Why do people who have the coronavirus show different symptoms?  

  • Should people put on face masks? If so, is there a certain type that the hospitals recommend?

  • Is there a medicine for the virus?

  • Do you have any information about vaccine?

  • Before the vaccine comes out what can we do meanwhile?

> date & time

  • July 27 (Mon.)

  • 10:10AM, EDT

  • 15min. solo talk + Interview + Open interview