IYF Leadership Speaker Series

Jim Stewart

Executive Director of Fight for the Forgotten

> about the speaker:

  • Freed the Batwa Pygmies from slavery

  • Supported with clean water, latrines, housing, and agriculture

  • Purchased 3000 acres of land for the Batwa Pygmies

  • Helps combat bullying and bring awareness to the ever-growing rates of suicide.

  • Has started an anti-bullying and character development curriculum.

> topic Description:

  • Defeat Hate with Love

  • Justin lived in depression and attempted suicide.

  • Later join MMA and heavily fell into drugs and alcohol.

  • Got connected to a church and 1 year later was in the Ituri Rainforest.

  • Freed the Batwa Pygmy tribe

  • Focusing on character development in the states.

> date & time

  • 7/29 (Wed.) EDT/PDT