IYF Leadership Speaker Series

Geoff Tabin

Co-Founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project Professor of Ophthalmology and Global Medicine at Stanford University

> about the speaker:

  • He has published more than 45 peer-reviewed articles, two books and a dozen book chapters related to his work in ophthalmology and the developing world

  • Dr. Tabin was also the fourth person to climb the Seven Summits

  • In 1994, Dr. Tabin established the Himalayan Cataract Project with his colleague Dr. Sanduk Rui

  • On an 8-day expedition to Ethiopia covered by National Geographic in 2009, Dr. Tabin and his team completed over 900 surgeries in just eight days

  • In 2009, Dr. Tabin was presented with Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award by Dalai Lama

  • Dr. Tabin is also the distinguished recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Humanitarian Service Award given by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in recognition of his international humanitarian efforts

> topic Description:

  • Shares his story on how he started the international social movement and the impact that he has personally made to teach practical life lessons

  • Inspires people to make and keep their promises

  • Speaks on the importance of individual responsibility in times of COVID-19

  • Touches on the individual actions that students can take to fight the current crisis

> date & time

  • July 29 (Wed.), EDT & PDT

> topic Description:

  • His journey towards focusing on cataract surgeries in the Himalayas area

  • Overcoming difficulties and challenges