IYF Leadership Speaker Series

Gary Guller

Record-setting mountaineer Motivational Speaker


> about the speaker:

  • Led Team Everest ’03 (the largest group of people with disabilities) to ever reach Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet

  • Reached the summit and became the first person with one arm to reach Mt. Everest

  • Led an expedition to the summit of Mt. Cho Oyu (world’s 6th highest mountain) in Tibet

  • Completed the Marathon des Sables in Morocco across the Sahara Desert

> topic Description:

  • People should not focus on color, gender, orientation, physical disability, or cognitive challenge, but look at each other’s hearts.

  • You need a bunch of other people around you, a lot more than you think sometimes, to be truly successful.

  • Anything is possible when people do it together.

  • Never give up on your dream and what you to accomplish even though there may be pitfalls and challenges.

> date & time

  • July 30 (Thurs.)  EDT, PDT

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