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The use of nuclear power stations is not cost efficient and the storage of spent materials after use continues to cost a great deal,...coal as a energy system is cheaper and cleaner. Human kind has other alternative energy sources that are in development we must focus on these.The use of coal is limited to the amount of the resource and it destroys nature from extraction.Ther is technology that uses garbage as a fuel source,..sounds like two birds with one stone.

I always have a problem with a yes/no, either/or question. The issue today is to compare the pros and cons of all forms of energy production. This comparison must take into account the entire process from extraction of the resources needed to the disposition of the waste products all the way to the end. For nuclear energy this takes us from the mining of uranium and the wastes from this process to how the spent fuel is disposed of at the end. Obviously, truthful analysis of safety issue is relevant to most forms of energy production.

It would be great if we could just stop the use of all nuclear power. However if we did then what would we do for electricity. The other three primary ways we generate electricity are not safe either. Coal is dirty and kills coal workers all the time, oil can cause major ecological disasters like in the Gulf, Some natural gas extraction methods contaminate ground water. there are only a few truly safe ways to generate electricity and at the current time only provide less then 1 % of our electricity.

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