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Patricia Well

Wine suggestion: Almost any good southern Rhône red would be perfect here. Cassis is an overriding flavor in the wines of the region; try the Côtes-du-Rhône-Villages Cairanne from the Domaine de l'Oratoire Saint Martin, the Réserve des Seigneurs, loaded with the spice of red and black currants as well as kirsch.

When I first got interested in cooking back in the 90's and decided to go to cooking school, food writer Patricia Wells was one of the more well-known professionals in the business. The Food Network was just getting started and Ina Garten wasn't yet a household name. Chefs and food writers became known though publishing books, not starring in TV shows. Wells' book, Bistro Cooking, was one of the first cookbooks I bought and this recipe comes from there.

Their book will carry complicated recipes of haute cuisine as well as sections on light, easy cooking. Wells launched the research last month by watching Robuchon work in the kitchen. As usual, she was a fount of enthusiasm. It was, she reported, like finally getting her Ph.D. in food.

Bob: Did you care about that stuffPatricia: No, no. As a men's hairstylist what I would do, I would do their hair and look and say, "Wow, you look good." And they would say, "Oh yes." And I said, "Would you like your hair to look that good every day" And I remember so many people would say, "Oh, it's not possible. Is it" And I said, "Well, yes. I need you to use this much shampoo, this much conditioner and leave it in, and then you have to take this hairbrush." And I would hold their hand and help them brush their hair and now, "You just need a little hair spray. This is how you do it." And they would walk out with a bag of product.Bob: So here's the thing I don't get, so you're a stylistPatricia: Yes.Bob: You have to admit you're here to make money. I mean, you like cutting hair, but, right So why is it so darn hard to convince stylists that, "But wait, I'm an artist. I don't wanna sell. I wanna sell..."Patricia: Well, you're not selling, you see, that's the point. It's not selling. You are are letting your clients know your recommendations. And one of my...Bob: It's your business. Isn't it your business part if she walks out looking bad. RightPatricia: Yes. Because this is the important part, is I say, "I need you to look this good every day, not only for you." But, of course...And this is something else I did naturally, no one taught me this. But I would give everyone free business cards. I say, "One is for you and two is for the next two people who tell you how good your hair looks."Bob: Oh my gosh, that is a brilliant tip.Patricia: I know.Bob: Well, you're brilliant. Because think about that, wow. Now, had you ever been taught thatPatricia: No. But it seemed common sense, you love the experience. And you have to remember in those days men's hairstyling was so new and we were charging three times more than the barber. But people were looking so good, they couldn't believe it. You knew they were gonna get compliments. In fact, many of my clients said, "I was at a dinner party last weekend, you know, with five couples and all the men were talking about coming here as their hairstylist." Women didn't say anything except, "Oh, yes. And he looks a lot better." So this was it, but it was just...and then, of course, they'd be regular. I said, "I know I've already got one, these are the people who tell me how good I look." Because this is an important point. And this is true in the speaking industry, people will say, "Please refer me." Well, as our friend Alan Weiss says, "If I tripped over a prospect for you, how would I recognize them" So if you give a business card or if you asked for a referral, be specific who you should give it to.Bob: That's another brilliant tip. Now, this woman has created a brand which if you're not in the speaking world, you don't know, but is a rock star. And she's always, always promoting. And I mean that in the best wa


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