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Msdos 622 Source Code [Extra Quality]


Msdos 622 Source Code [Extra Quality]

as i started developing cutemouse, i found myself copying almost the entire source code from the mac driver into my code. a lot of the api code in the mac driver was already written in assembly, so i did not have to do much. i added some stuff that the mac driver didn't have, such as the ability to add, remove, and modify shared folders. one of the features that i implemented for cutemouse, that i found in the mac driver, but did not implement in cutemouse, is the ability to choose the initial position of the mouse cursor on the screen. the mouse driver only gives you the option to set the initial position of the mouse cursor, but you can set it yourself, which is what i did.

with the newer sources, i decided that the source code should be organized into projects, rather than single files as i had done previously, because it makes it easier to work on different parts of the project if/when i get them working. each project was given a name, and the main makefile was modified so that it would compile the source file in the current project directory. the files in the common folder are now automatically included in each project, while the files in inc are inlined in their respective projects. the files in make are also included in the project makefile, although the actual makefile is in the make folder, which makes it easy to make changes to the makefile and recompile the project. 3d9ccd7d82

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