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Our top spot goes to the George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill since it's easy to use indoors and outside but large enough to cook for a crowd. Plus, it's affordable and easy to use. Planning to do most of your grilling indoors Try the Breville BGR820XL The Smart Grill. This countertop grill can double as a griddle.

Keep food warm so your guests can help themselves to seconds, enjoying buffet-style self-service straight from the grill. Just place an oven-safe dish on the cooking grate and add the food - or use the Versatility Expansion Kit.

Cinder is powered by patent-pending technology that uses cutting-edge thermoelectrics and precisely engineered algorithms to produce maximally effective temperature control for finger-lickin' good food.

A classic and favorite among purists, the charcoal grill is often heralded as a superior or more authentic way to grill food. Though they come in all shapes and sizes, they all use charcoal briquettes (sometimes mixed with wood chips) or lump charcoal as a fuel source, which produces a distinct, strong and smoky flavor.

Cooking over charcoal is also an inherently slower way to cook that takes practice. Lighting a charcoal requires time, unless you enlist the help of a high-octane charcoal starter. Controlling the internal temperature of the grill is more difficult and less precise, and getting a charcoal grill up to cooking temperatures can take upward of 20 minutes. The cleanup is also a bit more tedious. Still, the flavor makes all the extra effort worth it. And you can use simple hacks to keep your charcoal grill cooking low and slow for hours on end too.

The old debate used to be between charcoal and gas, but now there's a new debate: natural gas or liquid propane. Natural gas burns cleaner, is cheaper to use (anywhere from half to one-sixth the price) and no more running out or needing to swap tanks halfway through cooking. That said, with natural gas your grill becomes a permanent installation. You won't be able to move it around at will.

Liquid propane is still more commonly used and adds the convenience of portability. But you'll also have to plan ahead or do some rough estimations to guess how much cook time you have left on your current tank. Fortunately, if you have a gas link hookup at your house, you may be able to purchase a conversion kit for your existing grill or so you can enjoy both types of fuel.

The benefit to gas grills is ease of use and precision. It doesn't take 20 minutes to fire up a gas grill; just turn on the gas, press the igniter and wait for it to reach your desired internal temperature. And if the grill is cooking too cool or hot, just adjust the dial. Cleanup and upkeep are much easier on gas grills, too, with no ashes to dump. Still, you'll be missing out on that smoky flavor (unless you get a smoker box).

While there are countless models to choose from with a handful of nifty features (like side burners or a rotisserie spit), the main decision you'll have to make when buying a gas grill is how many burners you'll need. Gas grills generally start at around $90 for two burners, but can go up to $1,000 and beyond for four- to six-burner grills.

Electric grills are generally much more compact and can sometimes be used both indoors and outdoors. Think George Foreman grills, but there are dozens of different styles and form factors -- countertop, pedestal, kettle, open face, cart, etc. One of the newer electric grill options available is a flat-top griddle with no lid.

Electric grills are the easiest to start -- just plug it into a nearby outlet and turn the control knob. As you would expect, however, they can only move as far as their power cord will let them go. If you don't have an outlet handy in your backyard, you'll need to relocate the grill or use an extension cord to bring the power to the grill.

Like gas grills, they lack the smoked flavor of cooking with charcoal but are an affordable, convenient way to cook that's getting better


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