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The new version of WhatsUp Gold Premium has some nice new features including: new design and reporting. WhatsUp Gold Premium can monitor and report on any SNMP parameter, and can import any MIB file with drag-and-drop ease. WhatsUp Gold can also receive and forward SNMP traps. WMI support - WhatsUp Gold Premium can monitor and report on any WMI parameter against Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 machines from systems utilization (CPU, hard disk drive, and memory) to application-level performance counters. Web interface/Reporting - Our unique Web interface enables anywhere, anytime access to the network, and allows for application configuration and full right-click technology using AJAX and Jscript. The latest version also offers 50 new precompiled reports out of the box. Visual mapping - See your network as onscreen icons, and reconfigure the map design on the fly with drag-and-drop functionality. Personalized workspaces - Administrators can set up and assign personalized, role-based workspaces to ensure easy yet secure access to information. Device dependency - Eliminating dependent alerts enables the administrator to more easily diagnose the problem without the distraction of numerous alerts. Device Alert Preview - View all device alerts that youre associated with as a single preview page.

Starts as a network utility, the process of configuring and managing a network monitoring solution is made easy by the tutorials and on-screen help. The navigation in the toolbar is also straightforward and supports right-click action Add Remove Delete functionality. I also found the user interface easy on the eyes and was able to get right to the action I wanted to do without having to muck around in menus. The WhatsUp Gold program lets you choose from numerous mapping and display options. I found the default layout of icons on a single page to be helpful for quick navigation and setup. One of my only gripes about the interface was that the Application Flow panel would only show the panel buttons if I clicked on the Application Flow tab. 3d9ccd7d82


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