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DOWNLOAD: XOYO residency is already entering its last phase. time flies when you are having fun.Just felt like posting one of my fave sets so far: the night, week 2, when me and Danny Daze warmed it up for Cajmere.Hope you enjoyttiganonstop XOYO Residency: Tiga album No Fantasy Required:[PHOTO: Fresh To Death]

-rereleases-dream-fulfilled-on-potholes-music/Danny Swain, aka Danny!, returns with his second effort on Potholes Music, Dream, Fulfilled. Like its predecessor Dream, Interrupted, this album is entirely instrumental and showcases Swain's immense talent as a producer. While most folks know him as a rather outspoken MC, it's become increasingly clear that his gifts as a beatsmith deserve the same recognition.Across the record's 23 tracks, he expertly samples, flips, and chops samples from across the genresphere. You'll hear jazzy, soulful vibes on one tune while on another, there are shades of '70s psychedelia. He even crafts his own interpretation of A Tribe Called Quest classic "Find A Way" on the perfectly chill, late afternoon-ready "Check It Out".The rerelease of Dream, Fulfilled comes on the heels of the news that Danny! will release his much anticipated new album, Payback, via Okayplayer Records. The imprint announced its relaunch and will drop Payback on Sept. 25.

Data Retention Bill Resurfaces in Congress Europe's data-hoarding regulations slide west. EMI Considers Dropping DRMIf true, Steve Jobs may get his dream. Warner: Dropping DRM Is "Without Logic or Merit"The majors remain stubbornly attached to the DRM status quo. DVD Jon's Thoughts... d2c66b5586


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