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Ethir Neechal Movie Download 720p Moviel ##TOP##


Ethir Neechal Movie Download 720p Moviel ##TOP##

Ethir Neechal Movie Download 720p Moviel: A Review

Ethir Neechal is a 2013 Tamil comedy drama film directed by R.S. Durai Senthilkumar and produced by Dhanush under his banner Wunderbar Films. The film stars Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand and Nandita Swetha in the lead roles, with Anirudh Ravichander composing the music. The film was released on 1 May 2013 and became a blockbuster at the box office.

The film revolves around Harish (Sivakarthikeyan), a young man who changes his name from Kunjithapadham to escape the ridicule and bad luck associated with it. He falls in love with Geetha (Priya Anand), a school teacher, but she rejects him for lying about his name. To prove himself, he decides to participate in the Chennai Marathon and gets trained by Valli (Nandita Swetha), a former athlete who has a tragic past. The film follows Harish's journey of overcoming his insecurities and achieving his dreams.

Ethir Neechal is a refreshing and entertaining film that blends comedy, romance and sports in a balanced way. The film showcases Sivakarthikeyan's versatility as an actor, as he delivers a convincing performance as both the timid Kunjithapadham and the confident Harish. Priya Anand and Nandita Swetha are also impressive as the female leads, with their own distinct personalities and roles. The film also features some memorable supporting characters, such as Peter (Sathish), Harish's friend, JP (V. Jayaprakash), Harish's coach, and Gunasekara Raja (Manobala), an astrologer.

The film's music is another highlight, as Anirudh Ravichander creates some catchy and melodious tunes that suit the mood and theme of the film. The songs "Boomi Enna Suthudhe", "Velicha Poove" and "Ethir Neechal" are especially popular among the audience. The film also has some well-choreographed action sequences and a thrilling climax that keeps the viewers engaged.

Ethir Neechal is a film that celebrates the spirit of perseverance and positivity. It is a film that inspires the viewers to swim against the tide and achieve their goals. It is a film that deserves to be watched and enjoyed by everyone.

If you are looking for Ethir Neechal movie download 720p moviel, you can find it on various online platforms such as Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more. However, we recommend you to watch the film legally and support the makers of this wonderful film.

Ethir Neechal is not only a commercial success, but also a critical success. The film received positive reviews from critics, who praised the film's screenplay, direction, performances, music and message. The film also won several awards and nominations at various events, such as the Filmfare Awards South, the South Indian International Movie Awards and the Vijay Awards. The film was also remade in Telugu as Naa Love Story Modalaindi in 2015.

Ethir Neechal is a film that has a universal appeal and a timeless relevance. The film deals with themes such as self-esteem, identity, love, friendship and ambition. The film also portrays the importance of hard work, dedication and passion in achieving one's goals. The film also highlights the role of mentors and coaches in shaping one's career and life. The film also showcases the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in competitive events.

Ethir Neechal is a film that has a lot to offer to the viewers of all ages and backgrounds. It is a film that makes you laugh, cry, cheer and think. It is a film that motivates you to chase your dreams and overcome your challenges. It is a film that makes you proud of being yourself and being different. It is a film that you can watch again and again and never get bored. aa16f39245

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