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Free Download Bengali Movie Meghe Dhaka Tara 2013 57


biggest mistake of director kantachar is to show chander pahar as a comedy.. and he has made many mistakes to kenu this. but he has managed to show he is a director in any way. and story and screenplay is awsome. i am not a fan of bengali movies nd have seen very few in my life time. but this is very good and must watch in the near future.

the level of acting, dialogue, and cinematography in the movie was outstanding. i always wanted to see a bengali film that can top this, but i never thought that it would come from a film like chander pahar.

cool looking movie. i dont see any hollywood derivativess here. just the stories from the ordinary people in the society. the story is about a bengali guy who is a sad soul. so, he is not working and being a sad sack, he goes to the street and runs into a lady with a big flat footed and big boobs. they start a relationship. but the bengali guy is not happy with her. he is a bengali boy.

it is a well-written script with the excellent background music. dev has done a remarkable job. the photography, the setting of a movie have been marvelous. a film which will bring new joy to bengalis and can teach them a lesson of resiliency. the review by the critic are pathetic.

this movie is a must watch for every bengali. the screenplay is so well written. the actors performances are so good. the beauty and colors that can be seen in the movie are so realistic and mesmerizing. the cinematography is done so well that you will feel that you are actually watching the movie. the director has given so much attention and details for the making of this movie. the scenic locations that are used in this movie are so good that you feel that you are in another world. the story line is so realistic that you will feel like you are watching a movie. 3d9ccd7d82

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