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Amigo Broadcaster Duo 94fbr [EXCLUSIVE]

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afligir to grieve (someone)Les afligió macho la pérdida de su madre.The loss of their mother grieved them very much. afligirse to grieveSe afligieron por la desgracia de su amigo.They grieved over their friend's misfortune.

allá there Allá está!There it is! allá arriba up there, way upEstá allá arriba esperándole.He's up there waiting for you. allá dentro in there, insideAllá dentro están sus amigos.Your friends are in there. hacia allá, para allá that wayVamos hacia allá.Let's go that way. más allá farther on, beyondEl pueblo está más allá de aquellos árboles.The village is beyond those trees. por allá over thereLes vi por allá hace un rato.I saw 'em over there a while ago.

atrás backEstá allí atrás con unos amigos.She's back there with some friends. dar marcha atrás to go into reverse, back upNo dé marcha atrás que hay un árbol.Don't back up; there's a tree behind you. hacia atrás back, backwardMiró hacia atrás.He looked back. quedarse atrás to stay behind, fall behindSe ha quedado atrás con unos amigos.She stayed behind with some friends.

engañar to deceiveEngañó a su amigo.He deceived his friend. engañarse to make a mistake, be wrongSe engañaron a causa de la niebla.They made a mistake because of the fog.

miga crumbQuitaba las migas de pan del mantel.She brushed the bread crumbs from the tablecloth. hacer buenas migas to get on well togetherLos dos amigos hacían buenas migas.The two friends got on well together. hacerse migas to be smashed to bitsEl jarrón al caerse al suelo se hizo migas.The jar was smashed to bits when it hit the floor. tener miga to have a point, be pithy Todo lo que dijo tenía miga.Everything he said was pithy.

rato (short) whileEspere Ud. un rato.Wait a while. al poco rato very soon, after a little whileNuestros amigos llegarán al poco rato.Our friends will come after a little while. a ratos perdidos in one's spare timeLeía a ratos perdidos.He read in his spare time. pasar el rato to while away the time, pass the time away. pasar un buen rato to have a good time. 153554b96e


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