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Borderlands 3 And Gearbox Are Again In The Middle Of A Controversy

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He made his first appearance in The Gauntlet, where he was used on the left-hand route. He quickly made an impact, as during the first Gauntlet run of the series, Napalm became stuck on the blocks as it tried pushing through the wall. Sir Killalot came over to the middle route, got behind Napalm and used his lance to lift the robot up. As he pushed and lifted Naplam, he knocked the chainsaw out of the back, then pinned Napalm against a pyramid.

Sir Killalot was used in left route of the Gauntlet again in Heat B. However, this episode saw little action from Sir Killalot in the Gauntlet as no robots went for his route, and due to the wall in the middle route being barrels instead of blocks, robots did not become stuck like they had in Heat A.

In the Gauntlet stage of Heat E, Sir Killalot started on the left route like usual, although he did come over to the other two routes on occasions. During Schumey's run, it accidentally fell off the side of the see-saw when it tried driving over it too fast, so Sir Killalot came over to the middle route to attack. He got the lance at the back of Schumey and tried lifting it, but as he did so, one of his tracks fell over the side, so he had to struggle down. After getting off the see-saw, Sir Killalot tried again, driving back up the see-saw and getting the lance on the side of one of the wheels. He lifted the whole robot up then dropped it, turning it over.

Heat G saw The Sentinel introduced in Gauntlet, so Sir Killalot was moved to the middle route. Only one of the competitors took the middle route, Limpet. ir Killalot blocked it as it drove over the see-saw, pushing it against the fence. As it tried to get past, Sir Killalot drove onto the top of the competitor, pushing his lance down against the fence to help lift himself up as he drove onto Limpet}}

Sir Killalot was responsible for the elimination of Cruella. Cruella tried to drive down the middle route, but Sir Killalot blocked the way and pushed it. Cruella tried driving away, but drove into the ramrig, and Sir Killalot pinned it against the saws. He reversed a little, and when Cruella turned around, he drove up the front wedge, leaving it unable to move, and pushed it into one of the saws.

Heat K saw Sir Killalot used in the middle route of the Gauntlet again, although came over to the left route during Demon's run, and went over to the right route to try and prevent Mega Hurts finishing. Demon had managed to push Matilda down the route, so Sir Killalot came around to the left route as Demon tried to get around Matilda and reach the end. Sir Killalot blocked the end and pushed Demon against the fence with his lance to try and prevent Demon finishing, though Demon managed to get its front wedge into the end zone, meaning it completed the Gauntlet, although Sir Killalot continued pushing after Cease was called.

With Hard Cheese immobilised, Sir Killalot drove on top of it, then pushed it onto the flame pit. Later in the battle, he left his CPZ again and pushed Grinder and A-Kill together whilst they were fighting in the middle of the arena. All four House Robots eventually came out of their CPZs, and Sir Killalot pushed Hard Cheese towards the arena wall, pushing it into Tentoumushi and pinning it against the arena wall.

Sir Killalot caused some controversy in this series. One instance where he broke the rules came in Round 1 of Heat B in the New Blood Championship. Edge Hog was axing RT 81, and Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ, driving towards the two competitors. Edge Hog's axe became stuck in RT 81's tyre, and Sir Killalot started pushing RT81, with Mr Psycho also pushing RT 81. Sir Killalot drove away and Edge Hog got free. RT 81 caught fire internally, immobilising it, but Edge Hog stopped moving on one wheel. As it span around, Mr. Psycho bulldozed it across the arena to the CPZ. Sir Killalot came into the CPZ, grabbing the side of Edge Hog and picking it up as he pulled it out of the CPZ. Sir Killalot pulled it up the arena, then dropped it against an angle grinder. After RT81 was counted out, Sir Killalot drove over to it, grabbed the side with his claw, crumpling the tyre, and pushed it to the Drop Zone. 153554b96e


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