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I am in my late 20s and I'm trying to figure out if doing an accutane cycle is worth it BEFORE running any gear. Never taken any PEDs before, but if you looked at the acne on my chest shoulders and back you wouldn't believe me. I plan on doing a test cycle in about 6 months but I know with the way my skin is I would turn into a pepperoni pizza. My concern is if I take accutane now, and my skin clears up, will it just get terrible again once I am on test? Should I just wait until I am on test before taking accutane?

If you're just starting off, you should definitely consider an anavar cycle. Just search some Steroids for Sale. It's light and acceptable, indicating that you will still achieve results while retaining your sanity! I would rather advice beginning with 15mg rather than 20mg. If you need more time, go to your manager(doctor), but try not to go any farther than 8 weeks beyond the due date (or else it might be too late).



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