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As the Clone Wars dragged on, the stress of combat and high casualties caused cracks and strains among the ranks of the clone soldiers. Personality quirks, once considered harmless or even essential to their mental development, began to express themselves in extreme and polarizing ways. Each unit created their own rituals, small ways to identify squad mates, those from the same company, and veterans of specific campaigns. A soldier that talked about "cracking that crystal" identified themselves as a veteran of Christophsis and the assault on Crystal City, while an officer calling targets "bugs" revealed he fought in the hives on Geonosis. While many clones respected a soldier with a different background, some felt separated by time, space, and the unique aspects of their struggle.[35]

Many of the wealthiest and most powerful cloners among the ranks of the Republic also had an unusual fascination with the Jedi Order. While many of these members of the Republic had fought either for it or against it, some had openly defected to the Empire and even gone as far as breaking from their general, even after a clone or two died in their attempt to do so. A few had even gone so far as to pay for the training of new Jedi in the prequel era with a shared interest in forming their own order. Many of these former Jedi during the war either served in the Imperial Spire or secretly traded with them for training, equipment, and information. d2c66b5586


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