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Autodesk 3D software is built around a concept called Collaborative 3D design, in which a single team of designers can work on a project over a period of time and synchronize their changes to create a single document, rather than manually sending out and receiving paper documents. The software includes a number of tools for designing and editing building components, such as model-based drafting (MBD). 3D modeling is even more powerful than earlier 2D CAD systems because it not only permits modeling a physical object such as a building, but it also permits creating realistic 3D models using the digital design tools in support of the creation of the 2D drawings, including sections, elevations, and plans.

An Autodesk Revit project is a digital representation of a physical 3D space. It is a complex set of geometric and attribute data that is intended to be used by others. Revit documents are organized into a nested hierarchy of elements, connections, and views to help create forms, spaces, and 3D content.

Autodesk Revit includes various modeling and documentation tools that allow designers to create 3D building models, which can be presented to clients in 2D blueprints, animation, and simulation.

AutoCAD is currently available as a product for Microsoft Windows. It is a platform-independent integrated suite of applications. It includes a 2D modeling application, a design review application, and a 3D modeling and animation environment.

The compatibility of the AutoCAD application on x64 Windows OS was tested and verified using the appropriate Intel CPU and motherboard, as well as the processor and motherboard of the Mac. As always, try your test on the versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT that you normally use in your environment. 3d9ccd7d82


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