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In Windows, you can find a resize-friendly launcher design in the Assets folder (Assets/SplashScreen.scale-100.png). When the Splash Screen size is the same as the app size, you can link an image to the Launcher.scale-100.png image (via the linked image being smaller than the original - and also, the LaunchScreen image will act as the splash screen) Anyway when you install the app, the splash screen image will be replaced when the launcher is shown.

If using Xamarin.Forms 1, the splash screen is a separate storyboard. Starting with Forms 2, you can no longer have a separate storyboard to be used for the launch screen. Instead, you have to use the new affinity layout to specify the different layouts based on the device orientation. Read the documentation on how to use the layout and how to have your main view layout not completely cover your app's entire area at the smallest width you support. This will force the app to show up in a "wizard" view.

Click the Android icon in the top left of the solution explorer window to open the Android Project Properties. Then, change the Display attribute at the bottom of the "Android Manifest" section to "Visible". The "Application theme" setting in the "Android Manifest" section is used to theme the application, and you dont have to touch it if you dont want to. This "splash screen" theme was included with iOS, so it will be applied to Android too.

On 11 August 1944, an Army Air Force plane accidentally dropped a bomb on the Cosson family home on the edge of the Eglin Range, killing four and injuring five. In June 2010, Walton County officials commemorated the loss with a plaque to mark the area as an historic site.[54] d2c66b5586


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