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Delphi Xe2 Update 4 ((INSTALL)) Download

Delphi Xe2 Update 4 ((INSTALL)) Download ->>->>->>

Yesterday I installed Delphi XE2 using the download option, so I guess the installed files came from Embarcadero up to date as 1st Nov. I assume that I therefore acquired Update 1 (the one that otherwise needed a complete reinstall). To check, clicking 'Check for updates' in the program group produces 'No updates available', yet Help About shows only 'Help Release 1 for Delphi XE2....' in 'Installed Updates'.

You cannot just go from XE2 to update 2 directly.Update 1 is a mandatory install which requires you to first completely uninstall. Then reinstall. All subsequent delphi xe2 updates will then install without an uninstall first.Refer delphi xe2 update 1 release notes as per links provided in above answer.

AuthorPostedCommentsPeter Turner 11/12/15 18:13:37I see the update page, but I don't see the update - no updates in my 'check for update thing' either.Mark Stals 11/12/15 18:41:05Could it be that you have NOT installed XE2 in the default foldersOn my PC the check for update finds nothing either. XE2 is installed in D:\DevBox\Delphi\XE2.However on my virtual machine, I have followed the defaults. There the updates were found and are installing now.Paul T 11/12/15 19:33:36Same as Peter. No updates when using the manual check button, and I see nothing on the update page about XE2 Update 3. Even the fix list page has only just materialized (but currently blank).Bob Swart 11/12/15 20:02:32 !/SimonJStuart says: Having trouble with #Delphi #XE2 #Update 3 not showing on the update check Clear your temporary Internet files and try again, will work! ;)Bob Swart 11/12/15 20:14:42See to manually download XE2 Update #3 (for registered users only, sorry).Peter Turner 11/12/15 22:04:19Thanks, it's showing up for me now on the website I didn't need to clear the files (maybe it happened automatically). Check for updates still doesn't work - but it never worked so I'm not complaining, Delphi is in the normal dir.Bob Swart 11/12/15 22:52:28The Bug Fix list is now fixed as well ;-)Paul Morey 11/12/19 19:18:23Regarding the solution to the XE2 updates not showing on the update check ("Clear your temporary Internet files and try again, will work!"): What a terrible design! An update notification page should *NEVER* be cached - or at least Delphi should force a refresh of the page when checking for updates! Embarcadero needs to fix this as soon as possible.

OpenSSL 1.0.2 and later are only supported by ICS v8, v7 is no longer updated for new OpenSSL versions. The 64-bit DLLs are only for use with Delphi applications compiled for the 64-bit platform, the 32-bit DLLs work on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows with 32-bit applications. Note that ICS V8.24 dated 3rd March 2016 and later included the latest OpenSSL 1.0.2 Win32 files to avoid a separate download. This was a long term support version for which free support ceased at the end of 2019, but paid support from OpenSSL continues for those needing it. ICS V8.65 is the last version to support 1.0.2.

The browser demo is in the ICS nightly zip, in the folder samples\delphi\browserdemo, the project is FrameBrowserIcs.dpr. An executable version of the new demo may also be downloaded from here, built with HtmlViewer 11.8 and ICS V8.69, using Delphi 11.0.

The download is an exe-file that will install the component into Delphi. To uninstall, run the uninstall file in the installation directory.NOTE! When using Delphi 10.3, you must have update 3 installed. If not, there will be a link error.Download compiled applications.This are a zipped demo applications where you can test the features of the components.XLSSpreadSheet AXWWriter

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