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Download Ever Bot Tibia 7.6


Download Ever Bot Tibia 7.6

First (always scan the bots before buy it): Check the client (Tibia NG) of the bot; Check the download link ( Check all other available bots, you can find in tibiaMCV server- If you want buy the bot, go to official Tibia Bot Store (bot store is in tibiaMCV) Check the exchange rate.

INSTALLATION:install the loader.exe and place it on the tibiabot Ng folder and run it. You can start all whit the startup key reg and then run again the loader.exe, the bot will auto run it now - Just create a folder in tibiabot Ng and put there the loader.exe and then ejecute the key.reg whit this: cmd (your windows right click menu) / run as administrator / regedit / your tibiabot Ng folder / key.reg and click on 'yes'. Now you should see the loader.exe (it load when u use the bot).

THIS PROTECTION: these bots are protected by WeylandBot thanks to his master 'TheDante'.These bots are protected by a new enhanced version of WeylandBot, this bots will never be sold for in the "current" tibiaMCV bot store.

General Updates- Added a new command!newbwars to mark a place for players to go for the Newb Wars in every level- Added a new command!tour to view all the available tour locations- Added new map markers for all the tour locationsLevel Up! During EXP Raid Events- EXP Raids will begin 1 hour after the EXP event is confirmed- Players below level 10 will see a message notifying them to get to the nearby battle- Players can try to go to the map to see the location of the battle- Players will have a timer of 1 hour before the EXP Raid ends- The winner of the battle will be decided after the hour has expired- After the winner is decided, the newbie zone will start for players below level 10- Players below level 10 can join the newbie zone and start level up!Level Up! During Newb Wars!- During the Newb Wars, players will find various bosses along with a newbie zone- This will be a 6 hour event, every hour there will be 1 new boss that will appear- To join this event, players need to head to an event menu and choose Newb Wars- Players can join the battle by going to the map- To avoid overcrowding at the same location, the battle leaders are still needed to keep it fair by making sure not too many players go at the same time- After the 6 hours has elapsed, the newbie zone will end- Players are free to go back to the regular gameLevel Up! During the EXP Raids- During the EXP Raid, players will encounter massive waves of spawn points for the bosses- Players may need to destroy various objects on the ground to allow the bosses to spawn from said points- Players can go back to the regular game 3d9ccd7d82


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