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Janet Mason

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

> Instructor Profile

Janet Mason teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness at 7 different studios across the Kansas City area. Her students range in age from 4 to 84 years old. You will improve your flexibility, gain strength, connect with your breath, tame your wandering mind, and find your authentic self.

> Course Description:

When you do yoga, you are stretching your muscles by exercising in fluid connective movements and challenging yourself by holding postures. This class includes breathing exercises that will teach you to deal with stressful situations, meditation to help you focus, and the knowledge you need to do yoga at home.

> This Academy Meets on:

・Tuesday, July 13
・Wednesday, July 14
・Thursday, July 15
・Friday, July 16

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

1. Comfortable clothes to exercise in: shorts or yoga pants
2. A yoga mat or a towel or a blanket
3. Yoga blocks or a couple of cans to use for balance

> Lesson Plan:

You will begin with a short intro about the history of yoga. Then, you will experience a meditation focusing on your five senses. You will learn about your body as you stretch and balance in yoga poses.

Day 1: Traditional Ashtanga Yoga

Day 2: Longer held Yang standing poses & Yin style floorwork

Day 3: Fast & Slow Vinyasa Flow

Day 4: Chair Yoga & Yin style stretching

> This academy is for:

> Instructor’s Links: 

This academy is open for participants of all ages.

1. Instagram: @janvino
2. Facebook: Janet Mason
3. Spotify: Janyoga

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