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Online Academy:

Muay Thai


Youyung Cho

Muay Thai Coach / Afterschool Supervising Coordinator / Graphic Designer

> Instructor Profile

Youyung Cho is the founder and head coach of Cornerstone Thai Boxing. As a competitor,
Youyung has trained and competed in the sport of Muay Thai for over 10 years. In 2016
Youyung decided to take his passion for Muay Thai and share his knowledge with the
community where he grew up, in Queens, NY and Cornerstone Thai Boxing was established.
With the help of his partners and team of caring instructors, Cornerstone Thai Boxing has
become an acclaimed martial arts school in New York City in a short amount of time, producing
multiple Regional Muay Thai title holders in the process. Cornerstone Thai Boxing believes in
mentoring and nurturing the future leaders of tomorrow.

> Course Description:

Workshop 101 will cover Situational Awareness, Basic Self-Defense and Striking Techniques.
Workshop 102 will cover Thai Boxing. Techniques to create distance in order to escape from a
hostile situation.

> This Academy Meets on:

・Tuesday, July 13 at 9-10AM PST
・Wednesday, July 14 at 9-10AM PST
・Thursday, July 15 at 9-10AM EST
・Friday, July 16 9-10AM EST

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

Please complete this waiver form of liability before participating:

> Lesson Plan:

<Workshop 101>

I. Introduction
II. Course Description
a. Warm-Up
b. Stretch
III. Awareness
a. Footwork
b. Balance Drill
IV. Basic Self-Defense Techniques
a. Shell Defense
b. Basic Striking Technique

<Workshop 102>

I. Warm-Up / Stretch
II. Push Kick Technique
III. Long Guard Defense
IV. Elbow Technique
V. Knee Technique

> This academy is for:

> Instructor’s Links: 

This academy is open for participants of all ages.

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