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Cory Hecht

Professional Musician

> Instructor Profile

An alumnus of the Aaron Copland School of Music, Cory Hecht, founder of CH Music Services, is
an experienced singer, composer, arranger, audio engineer, and music director. He is currently
working as a freelance beatboxer and singer, as well as a private beatbox and singing instructor.
He has performed throughout the US and Canada, as well as in Europe.

> Course Description:

In this class students will learn about different beatbox sounds and patterns, as well as be
introduced to beatbox culture.

> This Academy Meets on:

・Tuesday, July 13
・Wednesday, July 14
・Thursday, July 15
・Friday, July 16

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

Students must have their cameras and microphones set up! Also, students will have to adjust their zoom settings.
When on Zoom, Turn on Original Sound. Also, go to settings and change "Suppress Background Noise" to LOW

> Lesson Plan:

Day 1:
Introduction to Beatboxing: Basics

Day 2:
Introduction to Beatbox battles: Basics

Day 3:
Song building and looping

Day 4:
TBD (likely having students who are comfortable battle and encourage  each other, but I want
to leave this day as TBD so that I can adapt with what direction  the students want to go)

> This academy is for:

> Instructor’s Links: 

This academy is open for participants of all ages.

1. Website:
2. Instagram: @Shimi_Beatbox
3. Email:

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