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Online Academy:

3D Illustration


Patrick Foley

3D Artist / Creative Director

> Instructor Profile

Patrick Foley (AKA Patrick4
D) is a 3D Generalist based in Atlanta, GA working primarily in the AD field. Coming from a background in Film as a Director of Photography, he's swapped over his knowledge of lighting and composition to the 3D Space. From hyper-realistic product recreations to abstract still lives, his ability to adapt to different projects within different industries plays a key role in securing work.

> Course Description:

This course will show the complete workflow in bringing an idea (in this case, a 2D cartoon element) to life in 3D. From Sculpting, composition, lighting, and texturing, all the way to rendering, and touching up in photoshop.

> This Academy Meets on:

・Tuesday, July 13
・Wednesday, July 14

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

Bring a list of ideas to potentially recreate in 3D (Think about an element from a cartoon)

> Lesson Plan:

Day 1 - Sculpting the subject from scratch/ Importing Mesh into Cinema4D
Day 2 - Lighting/Texturing/Rendering

> This academy is for:

> Instructor’s Links: 

This academy is open for participants of all ages.

1. IG - @Patrick_4D
2. Website -

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