Online Academy:

Smartphone Filmmaking

Instructor: Robb Montgomery, Filmmaker and Journalist

> Instructor Profile:

Robb Montgomery is an American filmmaker and journalist based in Berlin, Germany. His documentary films have won film festival prizes in Hollywood, Berlin and Moscow and they were all shot with an iPhone. He is the author of Smartphone Video Storytelling (Routledge – New York & London) and has taught more than 20,000 people how to make movies with their mobile phones.

> Course Description:

Did you know that one of the most powerful cameras for capturing stunning video is right in your pocket? Whether it be a iPhone or Android, you have the ability to tell amazing stories through the footage you take anytime, anywhere. In this class, you will pre-register for a separate online course that you will work on during your own time in between academy days. Then, each morning we will convene for a live zoom session as a group. Make sure you pre-register via the link below!

> This Academy Meets on:

Monday, July 27​​

Tuesday, July 28

Wednesday, July 29​​

Thursday, July 30

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

1.    Register for Robb’s online course at

2.    Have a smartphone that is fully charged.

3.    A tripod is helpful, but not required.

4.    Earbuds are also recommended.

5.    Download and install onto your phone the QUIK Video Editor app from GoPro before registering for the course:

> Lesson Plan:

1.    Day 1: Telling Stories with Pictures

2.    Day 2: The six-shot pattern

3.    Day 3: Video Editing

4.    Day 4: Film Festival

> This academy is for:

- Anyone ages 14 and up may participate. No previous video experience is required.

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