Online Academy:

Project Planning Management

Instructor: Brett Harned,

Director of Education, TeamGantt – Philadelphia, PA

> Course Description:

Ever had a project so big, so important, so crazy that you didn’t know how to start? Whether working alone or in a team, every project’s success depends on a good plan and a leader who can manage it. Don’t shy away from the challenge! Brett brings years of experience working with some of the biggest clients in the world to help you tackle your next project, manage your team, and make that deadline with the best results!

> This Academy Meets on:

Wednesday, July 29​​

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

1.    Paper

2.   Pen/pencil

> Lesson Plan:

In this session, we will:

- Cover the basics of what project management is and how it applies to you now, and your future

- Dig in on how to plan any project

- Create our own plans and discuss the planning process

- Discuss our plans and answer any questions you might have

> This academy is for:

This academy is open to participants of all ages.