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Instructor: Jared Platt

Photographer, Writer, Educator – Phoenix, AZ

> Course Description:

You obviously like taking photos! That’s why you are looking at this course. Photography is one of the most powerful ways you can communicate. It is often more powerful than speaking. Photographs can and do change the world... constantly. What are you doing with your photography? Are you making a statement? Are you changing lives? Are you brightening someone’s day? Well, we can make you a better photographer in just a few short days. It’s all about how you approach the images you want to make. During this course, you will learn how to create images that make a big impact. Whether you are into landscape photography, portraits, food or documentary, you are going to learn how to think, how to see, how to capture, edit and how to share images that move people! And no, you don’t need an expensive camera to do it. In fact I will show you haw to take amazing photos with your mobile device and edit them too all in Lightroom (Adobe’s mobile photo editing application). Yes, you can use a bigger camera too, and still edit your images on the go, in your phone.


But camera’s don’t make photographs. You do! And I am going to help you make a leap in your photographic skills so you can do something more with your talents... you might not change the world with your photos, but you can make a friend feel beautiful, you can share your love of nature, you can inspire someone to take a closer look at their world, make someone laugh, or even change someone’s perspective. You might even provide someone with a moment of clarity and peace. But all of that comes from knowledge, practice and hard work... oh and a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what you create.

> This Academy Meets on:

Monday, July 27​​

Tuesday, July 28

Wednesday, July 29​​

Thursday, July 30

> Lesson Plan:

Day 1  |  

Looking at Photographs

Understanding Camera Settings

Creating Great Composition

Your First Photo Assignment

Day 2   

Share Your Images - Image Critique

Seeing the Photograph: Discussions about

Improving Imagery Improving Your Photograph in Lightroom (basics)

Your Second Photo Assignment

Day 3   

Share Your Images - Image Critique

Seeing the Photograph: Discussions about Improving Imagery

Perfecting Your Photograph in Lightroom (advanced)

Your First Editing Assignment

Day 4   

Share Your Images – Image Critique

Seeing the Photograph: Discussions about Improving Imagery

Telling the Story with Your Images – Sharing Your Images with Purpose

Your Life Long Assignment

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> How to Prepare for this Academy:

1.    Desktop or Laptop Computer Users:

a.    Download and install a free trial of Adobe Lightroom at

b.    Sign up for a free Adobe ID after installing.

c.    Sign into Adobe Spark at with the same Adobe ID and bookmark it.

2.    Mobile Device Users:

a.    Make sure you have access to two devices – Your phone for picture taking, and a tablet or computer for the zoom class.

b.    Go to your app store and download LIGHTROOM.

c.    Sign up for a free Adobe ID after installing.

d.    Download Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Page on your device.

3.    Your Camera:

a.    It doesn’t matter what camera you have. Just spend some time on it to get used to taking pictures with it.

4.    Your Classroom

a.    A quiet place where you can concentrate.

b.    Bring a pen and pad of paper.

c.    An object to take a photo of.


*Detailed Instructions and Lesson Plan can be found here:  

> This academy is for:

This academy is open to participants of all ages.

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1.    Website:

2.    Instagram: @jaredplatt

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