Online Academy:


Instructor: Carlos Salas

Calisthenics Master Trainer at Fit Calisthenics – Toronto, Canada

> Course Description:

In this course, your coach Carlito will walk you through all the basics of bodyweight training. Starting with a crash course on how to effectively do push-ups and increase your strength with this cornerstone exercise to then sweat it out with a tabata style workout. This will be an amazing way to elevate your fitness, learn new moves and get a wicked sweat.

> This Academy Meets on:

Wednesday, July 29​​

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

All you will need is athletic clothing, water, a towel, lots of energy, good vibes and some space to move around! *Shoes are optional

> Lesson Plan:

  • Introduction

  • Warm up and activation exercises

  • Push-ups 101

  • Tabata workout

  • Cooldown

> This academy is for:

Teenagers 12 and up may participate in this academy.

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