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Instructor: Nicole York, Owner/Operator of Nicole York Photography, freelance writer, artist, and author.

> Course Description:

If you’ve ever thought, “I’d love to do that, but I’m just not creative,” this class is for you. Creativity is a way of approaching the world, generating ideas, and solving problems. Anyone can be creative, all it takes is a willingness to fail, and the desire to grow.

> This Academy Meets on:

Monday, July 27​​

Tuesday, July 28

Wednesday, July 29​​

Thursday, July 30

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

Students should bring something to take notes on, and their passion to create new things and ideas.

> Lesson Plan:

•    Day 1 - What is creativity

What is a growth mindset?

Understanding creativity: it’s not as original as you think.

Breaking down mental barriers

Accepting failure

Creative courage

Assignment: brainstorm a “what if” list

•    Day 2 - Getting creative


Prioritizing creative time

Removing distractions

Get curious

Get inspired

Create rituals

Flex your creative muscles with visualization

Assignment: narrow down the list to 2 possible projects

•    Day 3 - Putting creativity into motion


Mood boards

Vision boards

Creative practices

Flow state

Assignment: Create a vision board for one project

•    Day 4 - Choosing your path


Making goals

Creative work


Questions and answers

Assignment: Make a goal and get after it

> This academy is for:

Students of all ages are welcome to participate

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