Online Academy:

Cooking Breakfast

Instructor: Chef Paul Allen,

Allen Event Group – Springfield, MO

> Course Description:

We are showing kids how to cook breakfast easily with things you have on hand. What better way then kids to show kids how to cook? My daughters Norah (age 10) and Azrah (age 8) will be leading the class along with myself, Chef Paul Allen.

> This Academy Meets on:

Block 1

Mon. July 27   I   Wed. July 29

Block 2

Tues. July 28   I   Thurs. July 30

*Day 1-2 will have the same menu.

*Day 3-4 will have the same menu.

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

​ day 1-2

Birds Nest "Toast & Egg" 

Crispy Bacon

Fresh Fruit

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice


4x Sliced White Bread

4x Eggs, Organic or Non GMO 

4x Bacon Pieces, Nitrate Free 

1 tbl Butter, Salted 

4x Oranges 

1x pack Blueberries

1x pack raspberries 


1x Large Saute Pan

1x Butter Knife

1x Spatula 

2x Bowls 

2x Glasses (for orange juice)

1x Side Towel 

Ice (for juice)

> This academy is for:

This academy is open to participants of all ages!

​ day 3-4

Organic Egg Mc Muffin 

Hash Browns 

Vanilla & Honey Coffee 

1x Large Saute Pan

1x Spatula  

1x Toaster 

2x English Muffins, Organic

4x Eggs, Organic or Non-GMO

1 Tbl Butter, Salted

1 pack Turkey Meat, Sliced, Nitrate Free 

2 slices Cheese, your favorite

1x Bag Hash-browns

To Taste Sea Salt

To Taste Pepper



Local Honey

> Instructor’s Links: 

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