Online Academy:


Instructor: Jason Chatfield,

Cartoonist (Jason Chatfield LLC) – New York, NY

> Course Description:

A deep dive into the art of cartooning. The world's second-oldest profession can cross language barriers, mediums and connect people to an idea in less time than it took for you to read this sentence. The art of cartooning is an invaluable tool to express your ideas, share your stories and create a lasting body of work that can bloom into a career in the arts!

> This Academy Meets on:

Monday, July 27​​

Tuesday, July 28

Wednesday, July 29​​

Thursday, July 30

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

1.    Paper. lots of paper.

2.    Pencils.

3.    Your favorite drawing utensil - can be a pen, a marker, a paintbrush, a brush pen, a dip pen, a fountain pen. Anything that you’re most comfortable using.

4.    Erasers optional.

> Lesson Plan:

Day 1  |  

Finding your voice (research, passion, inspiration, tools)

Day 2   

Finding your style (Tools cont'd, topics, subjects, humor)

Day 3   

Finding the funny (Observation, comedy, humor cont'd)

Day 4   

Stitching it all together (Writing, Drawing, Voice, Sharing your art)

> This academy is for:

This academy is open to all participants ages 10 and up.

> Instructor’s Links: 

1.    Website:

2.    Instagram: @jasonchatfield

3.    Tiktok: @jasonchatfieldartist

4.    Facebook: @jasonchatfieldcartoonist