Online Academy:

How to become a YouTuber

Instructor: Blake Rudis,

YouTuber, Entrepreneur – Kansas City, MO

> Course Description:

Ever wondered what it takes to not only start a YouTube channel, but get it off the ground and into a sustainable and successful source of great content? Join Blake Rudis, a successful YouTuber of the channel “f64 Academy” who is taking what he is passionate about and using YouTube as a platform to share that passion for the benefit of others.

> This Academy Meets on:

Tuesday, July 28

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

All you will need is access to Zoom and a built-in microphone that works so that you can share your YouTube ideas.

> Lesson Plan:

Day 1  |  

1.    What does it take to be a YouTuber

2.    The Reality of Making Videos on YouTube

3.    How to use YouTube to channel your passion and gain a following

4.    How to get to the root and core of your passion

5.    Where to begin once you’ve found your passion

Day 2  |  Guided Discussion.

1.    Discussion of YouTube channel ideas and coaching in order to establish a channel. Core Values and Moral Code

2.    Discussion on one’s core values with business and with marketing tactics

3.    Ensuring your message aligns with your core values and establishing direction for your moral compass.

> This academy is for:

Highschool students and up!

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