Online Academy:


Instructor: Trudy Steibl,

Acting Instructor – NYC, NY Director of the HB Teen Intensive in Acting

> Course Description:

Acting is a hilarious, taxing, joyful, difficult, challenging, exhilarating process of continuous self-discovery. It is bringing the inner self to the work that often is disguised by who we would like to be instead of who we are. Learning to trust our inner self and instincts is what the craft is all about – not our mental ideas. There is nothing to prove, every being is talented, so let us discover how we can get closer to our center.

> This Academy Meets on:

Block 1

Mon July 27   I   Tues, July 28

Block 2

Wed, July 29   I   Thurs, July 30

*Blocks 1 and 2 are the same. So, you only need to attend two days, not all four.

> How to Prepare for this Academy:

You will have two options on something to present (See below). Your presentation should be no longer (or shorter) than 3 minutes. You can contact me before the academy if you have any questions.

> Lesson Plan:

-----Please introduce yourself and state your age at the start.

-----Select one of two options for presentation of your creation:

--------CHOICE ONE: Select a three-minute (no longer or shorter) piece that you feel represents who you are and how you feel being alive at this point in time.  Choose a monologue from a play, novel or film; a political speech that resonates with you; write your own story; you can sing a song that you feel or rap it; it can be a dance or movement piece that you create.

---------CHOICE TWO: Make a phone call to someone you truly know having to tell them something that you genuinely always wanted to tell them but were too scared or vulnerable to be able to do. Imagine what the response back would be - don't repeat it - just react to it but give yourself a strong impetus to reach this person so that you do most of the talking.

Try to make the choice that frightens you the most.



You hurt my feelings when you.....

Why didn't you tell me that....

My parents are divorcing

I'm in love with you and I have to know how you feel

Why do you always put me down

Mom, I'm in real trouble, I.....

> This academy is for:

1.    This academy is open to participants of any age.

2.    Only up to 15 students per block will be allowed.

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